WE MODULAR is revolutionising the global construction industry by introducing disruptive modular innovation in both private and commercial construction.

Who we are?

WE MODULAR began as the personal Research & Development project of Dr. Kiril Balabanov, a leading Bulgarian Property Developer, Builder and Manufacturer since 1992.

Leveraging our established network and three-dimensional viewpoint as a Builder, Developer and Manufacturer, set forth the strong foundation of WE MODULAR. Established in 2023, WE MODULAR was tasked with becoming the leader in premium modular manufacturing for Central and Eastern Europe.

"At the heart of WE MODULAR  stands quality, efficiency and comfort. We use innovative techniques to create the most progressive and cost efficient product in the market. Our unique approach to every projects insures high attention to details and high customer satisfaction."

Arc. Eng. Vladimir Raynovski, Lead Architect.  

Why choose us?


We’ve been doing conventional construction, real-estate developments and manufacturing since 1992


Our modular system is different, disruptive and currently the best on the market


From our Harvard-educated CEO to our lead architect with half a decade of experience working at STRABAG, our Team is where we excel as a company


Strategically positioned in Bulgaria, we are able to service markets including Europe, Middle-east and the Americas


We’ve reduced construction-related waste by over 30 %, applying extra care when recycling our factory’s waste. Our 400 Kw of roof solar panels further help in reaching our sustainability goals

Production Facility

Our cutting-edge
manufacturing facility located in Sofia, Bulgaria, spanning over 2,000 m2 of built-up area, guarantees our ability to keep up with the high-demand

Our Partners

We proudly presenting our esteemed partners, leaders in engineering excellence and ground braking innovations.


WE MODULAR is ISO-certified and provides warranty protection for all modules. 15-year structural warranty and 5 to 15 years on the various non-structural elements. Warranty for all Original Equipment Manufacturer elements not manufactured by WE MODULAR are according to their respective OEM’s warranty T&C’s. All Modules are sold with a technical passport.

For NON-EU Countries – To be Determined on a case-by-case scenario.

ISO 14001:2015
ISO 9001:2015
ISO EN 1090:1
ISO EN 1900:2
КСБ 2023

Why choose us?

Europe based ambitious start-up:

Established in 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria, our mission is to address the oldest and largest industry globally. At We Modular, we empower developers and private individuals to build seamlessly, leveraging over 30 years of experience in real estate development, manufacturing, and construction. Our innovative modular approach aims to revolutionise the market by incorporating the wealth of knowledge we've gained across these industries.

Experience and expertise:

Our journey commenced more than three decades ago in the realm of real estate developments. Until 2005, our sister companies facilitated the development of over 300 apartments in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2006, we diversified into manufacturing and inaugurated an avant-garde production facility for Insulated Concrete Foamwork (ICF). By 2007, in collaboration with BASF Germany, we pioneered and patented the first transportation pallet made of Styrofoam SP3 grade.

In 2017, we achieved a significant milestone by completing the largest number of multifamily residential buildings under the government program for energy efficiency in old structures. WE Modular boasts a unique three-dimensional expertise encompassing real estate developments, manufacturing, and construction. This distinctive blend positions us to effectively cater to a diverse range of customer profiles.

Cost efficient and sustainability:

In the realm of modern construction, embracing sustainability and cost efficiency is paramount, and modular construction stands out as a pioneering solution. Our company recognises the urgent need to build responsibly, and modular construction aligns seamlessly with this vision. By employing standardised, pre-fabricated modules, we significantly reduce material waste and energy consumption. This not only minimizes environmental impact but also translates into substantial cost savings and quicker project completion

Premium quality:

Elevate your expectations with our premium modular constructions, where innovation meets luxury. We redefine the paradigm of modular building by seamlessly integrating high-end design and sustainable practices. Meticulously crafted with precision, our premium projects use high quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and customisable features tailored to your discerning taste. From upscale residences to commercial spaces, we bring sophistication to modular construction, ensuring every detail reflects exclusivity.

Our certifications

ISO 14001:2015
ISO 9001:2015
ISO EN 1090:1
ISO EN 1900:2
КСБ 2023
Flexible design solutions:

Discover unparalleled design flexibility with our modular constructions—whether you choose from our meticulously prepared models or opt for a bespoke, custom build. Our pre-designed villas can be custolmised to your linking and to suite the environment that they are going to be placed in. Alternatively, indulge in the freedom of a custom build, where every detail is tailored to your unique vision. Our commitment to flexibility extends beyond floor plans; choose materials, colors, and finishes to create a space that resonates with your individuality.

Our customers:

Our target customers are forward-thinking individuals and businesses seeking innovative, sustainable, and customisable construction solutions. Whether you're a homeowner desiring a modern, eco-friendly dwelling or a business looking for efficient, adaptable commercial spaces, our modular constructions cater to diverse needs.

Embracing those who value quality, flexibility, and environmental responsibility, our offerings appeal to a clientele keen on redefining traditional construction norms for a more sophisticated and sustainable future.

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